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Giclee Fine Art Prints

When I exhibit / sell my artwork, I offer some of my originals and Giclee fine art prints. The prints are museum-level quality.  It starts with my original art painting to be digitally scanned at high resolution in actual size to insure top quality!

The next step is creating Giclee prints. It is an excellent process of printing which combines 12 pigment based inks. Fine art prints retain tonality and hue. The good news is the colours won't change! 

Bottom line, my artwork is high end quality! Your purchase of a print is handled with great care and soundly shipped.

Note, I do have an option of selling a printed canvas that is framed. If that is more to your liking you will need to contact me to discuss rates. Canvas is a higher costs to produce.

If an original is available, please contact me as well.

I do offer discounts on commercial orders. You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns. 


Samples of Craig Biorn's beautiful artwork.