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Who Is Craig Biorn?

Craig Biorn is an American author of non-fiction books and acrylic still life / landscape art paintings. Biorn was born in 1961 and raised in a small town of Zumbrota, Minnesota. As a boy, he delivered papers on his bicycle, which is where he developed his passion for meeting new people and hearing their interesting stories. Biorn also has interest in business as an entrepreneur. 

Biorn believes it is never too late in life to create new things. Biorn debut book, Bilan’s Journey of Hope, was released April 22nd, 2021 about his wife Bilan when she was a Somali teenage girl. ( Biorn & his wife, Bilan, below right )

His second book, Bah Bah for Barbara, was released July 22nd, 2021. It is a heartfelt story about his mother in the summer of 1957 growing up on a large family farm with plans to participate showing a special lamb. ( Biorn & his mother, Barbara, below left )

Biorn’s style of writing is family friendly. He aims to have a kind of narrative that will quickly engage and entertain the reader leaving an impact that will linger in one’s mind after the book is completed. 

All of Biorn’s book covers are art paintings that he has done himself.  

On December 9th, 2021 Biorn was awarded the 2021 Brightside Empirical Review Award.  Thank you Brightside! 

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During a violent uprising, a teenage girl named Bilan is forced to flee her country with her family, leaving everything behind. Afraid and armed with nothing but faith, Bilan struggles to protect her loved ones and find a safe place in the midst of chaos. Based on a true story during the 1991 Somali Civil War, 'Bilan's Journey of Hope' is an incredible story of survival, love for God and family, and hope.

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During the summer of 1957, a teenage girl named Barbara Luhman decides to compete at the County Fair with a 4-H lamb. Determined and competitive, Barbara carefully chooses a lamb, but faces competition and an unexpected surprise from some of her siblings. As the date of the fair draws near, Barbara and her lamb prepare in their quest for a purple ribbon. Based on a true story, 'Bah Bah for Barbara' is a heartfelt story of growing up on a large family farm in Goodhue, Minnesota.

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"We see the vision in his work. Biorn has eye-catching colors of depth and detail. That is why our panel chose to award him for the 2021 Brightside Empirical Review Award." according to a statement from Elton Brewington, Producer, Managing Editor of Brightside Global Trade.

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